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Valu-Rite Plumbing provides free testing and diagnostic of water pressure issues related to water pressure regulators and thermal expansion in Ball-Ground Ga and nearby areas.

Water pressure regulator or thermal expansion problems can cause damage to your fixtures and appliances which can often cost much more than resolving the water pressure issue itself. If you live in Ball-Ground Ga or nearby areas; and feel you may be having problems related to your water pressure regulator (PRV), or thermal expansion; you can't go wrong with Valu-Rite Plumbing!

Most of the time in Ball-Ground Ga and nearby areas, water pressure issues may need simple adjustments. During our completly free visit to your home, if adjustments take care of the issue; then your fix it completly free!

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Pressure Regulators

Ghostly Sounds?

humming noises?

Ghostly banging, humming or groaning noises when you use your water (and sometimes even without using water) is almost always caused by valves within your home being damaged by water pressure issues.

There are (2) components related to causing water pressure issues in your home; One is thermal expansion from heating water and the other is your water pressure regulator.

Valu-Rite Plumbing will diagnose the issue and your fixtures and find exactly what’s causing the problem for free and give you a guaranteed price before doing any repairs.


Water Pressure Guaranty!

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  • We provide a Full 1 Year Warranty on pressure related issues on repairs of Water Pressure!

  • We will solve your ghostly humming or noisy high or low water pressure issue or you pay nothing!

Modern Plumbing systems are one of the differences between a 3rd world and modern Country. Disease has been controlled largely due to proper sanitation through correctly designed Plumbing systems. The SARS virus has been directly linked to improper Plumbing system design, and many other diseases are linked to improper sanitation.

An unsanitary situation may occur from something as small as an improperly installed p-trap for your sink. Improper vent placement or sizing can affect the gas-trap seal of your sink or other fixture causing disease ridden gases to enter the air you breathe. An improperly installed seal beneath your toilet can allow these gases to escape as well. Should you trust just anyone to install your new toilet?

We find many cases where plumbing systems have been altered improperly or fixtures improperly installed have caused infiltration of these gases into the home of our customers. Preventing this is the reason Plumbing is a professional trade.

Valu-Rite Plumbing understands and has great respect for the codes that govern the industry in order to protect the health of the public. We are highly trained and undergo regular continuing education in order to guarantee the health of your family is protected and your Plumbing issue is repaired with precise health conscious craftsmanship.

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