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What to know before Hiring a Plumber

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Many times you may be in a rush to get a plumber in Ball Ground to your home or office; this can be a bad thing sometimes and here's why.

Plumbing is a trade that takes many years to master. The best plumbers are plumbers who have grown up and may even be a second or third generation plumber. It requires hard labor starting in the trenches while young and then continuing through many different areas of the plumbing trade.

In populated areas there are many larger plumbing companies; and while some are fantastic companies, most are owned by businesspeople who haven't earned the right to be called a plumber but have the ability to rush an inexperienced individual to your home when you want. The plumber crew they command are mostly people who have been pushed into taking a cram course so they can take a test in order to fill the spot in a repair truck. They are being commanded by a leader who him or herself does not have the proper experience and so therefore the public health is more at risk.

Plumbing experience is key not only for knowledgeable trouble shooting of plumbing systems in Ball Ground; but to protect the health of the public as well. Many of the larger companies serving the Ball Ground, Ga area may have less than 10% of their plumber crew who have the right to be called a plumber even with a license in their pocket.

Over and over I see situations in Ball Ground and surrounding areas that exist because an inexperienced person made a repair without proper knowledge to do so. Or a remodeling contractor installed the plumbing himself instead of hiring a properly trained plumber for the job.

Most do not understand very elementary aspects of the plumber trade such as a vent not only allows good flow of the plumbing drain system, but it also protects the trap from being siphoned out when you flush a toilet. Every plumbing fixture in your home has a trap to protect you from breathing the sewage gases that reside in your plumbing system. If that trap has improper siphone protection you will experience poor flow as well; you will breath sewer gases on a regular basis.

A fixtures vent must be installed in the right location of the plumbing system at the right distance from the fixture and have the right size to function properly. Understanding what creates an S-Trap or harmful vapor situation is one of the first questions I ask a technician before hiring him or her.

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