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Providing Emergency water leak detection and leak repair services in Atlanta, Ga and surrounding areas with the experience of over 37 years!

If you have hidden or hard to find leaks, wet spots in your yard, basement, foundation or under your sidewalk or driveway in Atlanta, Ga..

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Emergency Leak Detection Near Me
water leak detection atlanta water leak repair Atlanta

getting high water bills?

Water Leak Detection Near MeWe locate the leak!

We repair the Leak!

If you've gotten a high water bill for water usage you don't think you've used or have water leaking inside your home, basement, crawlspace or an outside water leak in the yard or lawn; we can get you fixed up fast with our water Leak Detection and leak repair services with lifetime Warranty!

Free Leak Detection Inspection Atlanta

save your money!

We perform emergency and free water leak trouble-shooting on water leaks in your lawn, under your slab, driveway, ceiling, basement, foundation, or water leaks in your crawlspace in Atlanta Ga., and can get the damage cleaned up as well help you navigate your insurance options!

Our 37 years of knowledge will save you money by providing proper diagnosis of the leak and then by providing the lowest price in Atlanta Ga to locate and repair the leak in one easy step. One call Leak Repair in Atlanta, GA!

At Valu-Rite, we save you the headache of locating and repairing a water leak in Atlanta,_Ga!

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poly pipe copper pipe atlanta leak repair Atlanta

Water Leak Repair Atlanta

copper pipe / poly pipe

Water Leak Repair Near MeWe Repair the Water Leak!

Lifetime Warranty!

Amazingly, in the Atlanta Ga area; polybutylene and now copper water pipes are leaking and causing damage to home and property. Copper water pipe systems are leaking due to deterioration caused by hard water or electrolysis in the copper water piping system in Atlanta; as well as the fact that the original Atlanta plumber used a light-weight grade of copper when installing the water pipe system from the start. Polybutylene PB water pipe is still out there and still failing at an alarming rate due to inferior chemical makeup of the polybutylene (poly / PB) plastic itself or the age of the pipe in the Atlanta Ga area.

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emergency water leak plumber atlanta leak repair plumber Atlanta

Emergency Water Leak Atlanta

don't panic!

Water Leak Repair Near MeWe Repair the Water Leak!

We Clean it Up!

If you're experiencing an emergency water flood right now in Atlanta, give us a call now and we will come running!

We will repair the leak and clean up the mess in Atlanta all with just this one call!

We can also help you navigate your insurance company and get the damage repaired!

The mess will be cleaned up TODAY!

We perform emergency water leak repair in Atlanta and clean up the mess as well!

We save you money by providing complete diagnosis of the emergency water leak and then by providing the lowest price in Atlanta to repair the leak and clean up the mess in one easy step. One call does it All in Atlanta!

At Valu-Rite, we save you the headache of repairing and cleaning up an emergency water leak in Atlanta!

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We provide Emergency licensed Leak Detection, clean-up and Repair services through-out the Atlanta area!

If you've been searching for local leak detection near me in Atlanta...

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Why use licensed plumbers?

Licensed Plumbers have demonstrated by way of exam that he or she has the knowledge to install or repair plumbing systems in such a manner as to protect the public health from sanitary diseases and ensure proper functionality of the plumbing system.

Why do I have a sewer odor in my Bathroom?

Usually there's a plumbing fixture in your bathroom that never gets used. The trap for that fixture and all plumbing fixtures uses water to prevent sewer gases from entering the air you breathe. If that fixture never gets used then the water in the fixture trap will evaporate thereby allowing the sewer gases to enter the air.

What questions should I ask my remodeler friend or contractor about my plumbing?

Make sure you know who your Licensed Plumber will be!