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Plumbing problem?

with 34 years trouble shooting knowledge!

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At Valu-Rite Plumbing, We take pride in the craftsmanship of the plumbing pipe replacement jobs we do in Duluth and specialize in cast iron pipe, copper pipe, galvanized pipe and polybutylene pipe replacements.

We also specialize in sewer and drain cleaning and repair, well pump repair, sewer and sump pump repair, emergency plumbing water leaks and water service pipe replacements, as well as replacing all types of sewer and drain piping and repairing any plumbing fixture in your home or office.

All plumbing pipe replacement jobs carry a Lifetime Warranty and we guarantee years of trouble free plumbing system operation.

A 5 Star Master Plumber Servicing Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs and Atlanta Ga

A 5 Star Master Plumber Servicing Woodstock, Canton, Ball Ground, Acworth, Kennesaw and Marietta

Do You hear Water Running?

have water leaking somewhere?

If you've gotten a high water bill for water usage you don't think you've used anywhere in the Duluth Ga area; or have water leaking inside your home, basement, crawlspace or outside in the yard; we can get you fixed up fast. We can detect the location of the leak if needed and get it fixed very quickly; and get the water cleaned up as well.

We have many years experience in leak detection and repair of any type of water leak in the Duluth Ga area. If you hear water running or have weird humming or banging sounds within your home; call us now for a free no obligation leak detection visit to asses the situation and get your water leak stopped for good!


Copper Water Pipe/Polybutylene Pipe Repair

springing water leaks?

Amazingly, in the Duluth Ga area; polybutylene and now copper water pipes are leaking and causing damage to home and property. Copper water pipe systems are leaking due to deterioration caused by hard water or electrolosis in the copper piping system; as well as the fact that the original plumber used a light-weight grade of copper when installing the pipe system from the start. Polybutylene plastic water pipe is still out there and still failing at an alarming rate due to inferior chemical makeup of the polybutylene (poly / PB) plastic itself in the Duluth Ga area.


Cast Iron Drain Repair and Replacement

your health is at stake!

It unfortunatly isn't enough to find someone who says they can replace your cast iron or PVC drains or sewer pipes in Duluth. You need someone who understands fully and has great respect for the health aspects of the plumbing drain and venting system.

Replacing cast iron or PVC plumbing drain systems can be very technical; Don't hire an amateur when it comes to your health; We get the job done right and we care about your home and your Families health.

If you smell odors within or around your home; give us a call for a free evaluation of the sewer odor issue. Your Duluth area home could be sinking in sewage!


Drain Backup / Sewer Backup / Toilet Backup?

your home is at stake!

A sewer drain or toilet backup or stoppage can create a real disaster quick; dont wait for the bigger issue to flood your house with sewage from your neighbors. We have the experience and technology to find the cause of your sewer or drain backup or stoppage anywhere in the Duluth Ga area and get your drains running clear fast!

Give us a call now for a free, in person assessment of your sewer drain stoppage and sewage cleanup situation!