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Well Pump Repairs you can Trust in Sandy-Springs Ga

Well Pump repair services in Sandy-Springs GA by Valu Rite Plumbing

Valu-Rite Plumbing provides well pump repair services on submersible well pump systems, line shaft turbines systems, water well pump pressure tanks, Well Pump control panels, Sub-Drive Control Panels, pressure controls, and booster pumps for your home or office in Sandy-Springs.

If you've lost water well pump pressure to your home or office, Valu-Rite Plumbing can get you back up and running very quickly in most cases with very minimal costs in the Sandy-Springs Ga area.

In order to ascertain the problem with a well pump system, the diagnostic consists of testing the power supply system, pressure switch, pressure tank, relays, piping system and the pump. Your well pump system will be shut-down and restarted several times.

Typical Well Pump Problems and Symptoms in Sandy-Springs Ga

  • Well pump water pressure drops very low while in use
  • Well pump water pressure starts very strong but then completely shuts down.
  • Well pump water pressure is very low
  • Well pump pressure is very erratic
  • Well pump is running and will not stop
  • Well pump will not come on at all

Well pump water pressure drops or the water stops while in use in Sandy-Springs

images of typical well pump systems explained

This is typically a problem with the well pump pressure tank; the well pump pressure tank should hold air ONLY (with a fully drained system). If the pressure tank is holding water after the system is drained, the pressure tank, pressure switch and tank "tee" should be replaced. A water well pressure tank usually comes pre-charged at 40 psi of air. The air pressure in the pressure tank should be set to (2) pounds less than the desired well pump cut-on pressure setting when the system is drained completely. Usually, your well pressure tank should be set to about 28 psi when the system is drained if you haven't altered the pre-set setting of the pressure switch. Most water well pressure switches are pre-set to 30/50. This means the switch will close its contacts (sending power to the well pump) when the water pressure in the well system drops to 30 psi; and open or stop the power to the well pump when the pressure in the system reaches 50 psi.

The water pressure setting for a well pump system can be altered or changed up to usually a pressure setting of 40/60, this will provide a much more comfortable pressure for household water use but should only be performed by a qualified professional due to risk of electrical shock and needed tweaking of all components of the well system.

Well pump water pressure starts very strong but then completely shuts down, Sandy-Springs Ga

This is typically a condition created when the well pump system pressure switch can no longer detect the water pressure in the system or the water well pressure switch is corroded. Corroded or bent contacts will sometimes send power to the pump and sometimes not. If the contacts have incoming power but the outgoing contacts do not have power when the contacts are shut, the pressure switch needs replacing.

If the water well pressure switch is not opening and closing at the proper pressure settings, the piping to the pressure switch is clogged with rust, and can cause the pump to stay on to long which will drive the water pressure very high (causing leaks on toilets/water heater) and could burn out your pump or throw the breaker. In the same respect, the water well pressure can drop to absolute zero before starting back up.

Well pump water pressure is very low, Sandy-Springs Ga

All components of the water well system must be tested/checked in order to determine the problem with low well pump water pressure. Testing of the pressure switch must determine the switch is good and operating normally. The water well pressure tank must be good, properly charged with air to the desired psi as described above and holding no water when drained. The pressure tank should be adequately sized for the water system in order to prevent the pump from over working itself. If everything checks out okay, then a leak test will have to be performed to determine if a leaks exists on the water main from the well itself the water well pressure tank. This testing should be performed by a qualified water well plumber. If no leaks exists, then the "foot valve" is likely not closing properly (allowing water to get pushed back to the well) or the pump itself is not operating as it should.

Well pump will not come on at all, Sandy-Springs Ga

If there is no power to the incoming contacts, then your breaker providing power to the system has been thrown. If the breaker has been thrown, this could indicate a problem with the water well pressure switch, control panel or the pump itself.

If you have power to the incoming contacts but not the outgoing contacts of the water well pressure switch, the switch must be replaced.

If the pressure switch has power but the contacts are not closed in a no-water situation, the switch and switch piping must be replaced.

If the pressure switch contacts are closed and power is passing through the switch normally, then the problem could be in the relay control panel box if one exists, if not, the problem is likely the pump itself.


Well Pump Repair in Sandy-Springs, GA

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