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Valu-Rite Plumbing Kennesaw offers knowledgable master licensed plumber repair and installation services through-out the Kennesaw GA area. The plumber trade affects the health of your family.

Improper plumbing repair or remodeling can cause a situation much like having an open septic tank inside your Kennesaw GA home or office.

The sometimes oderless sewer gases can easily be in the air you breath. Every plumbing pipe within your Kennesaw plumbing system has a particular job to carry out and must do so without sacrificing the health of your Family.

If your toilet does not flush well, there could be more at stake than just the fact that your toilet doesn't flush well. Many remodeling and Handy contractors in Kennesaw GA are improperly installing or making repairs to the plumbing systems without knowing how the plumbing system protects your health.

At Valu-Rite Plumbing Kennesaw, the health of your Family comes first!

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Plumber Kennesaw Sanitary Desease

Disease has been controlled largely due to proper sanitation through correctly designed Plumbing systems and plumber repair in Kennesaw GA and around the World. The SARS virus has been directly linked to improper plumber repair or system design, and many other diseases are linked to improper plumbing sanitation and are lurking in an astonishing number of homes in Kennesaw GA

An unsanitary plumbing situation may occur from something as small as an improperly installed sink drain by someone who is not a licensed plumber Kennesaw GA. Improper vent placement within the plumber system or pipe sizing can affect the gas-trap seal of your sink or other plumber fixture causing disease ridden gases to enter the air you breathe. In Kennesaw GA, An improperly installed seal beneath your toilet can allow these gases to escape as well. Should you trust just anyone to install your new toilet; or should you call an experienced licensed plumber Kennesaw GA?

We find many cases where a plumber in Kennesaw or other non licensed contractor has altered the plumbing system improperly and caused infiltration of these gases into the home of our Kennesaw GA customers. Preventing this is why professional licensed plumbers are of the utmost importance as new homes are being constructed in Kennesaw GA.

backValu-Rite Plumbing Kennesaw understands and has great respect for the codes that govern the industry in order to protect the health of our plumber Customers in Kennesaw GA. We are highly trained and undergo regular plumber education in order to guarantee the health of your family is protected in Kennesaw GA.



Why do I have a sewer odor in my Bathroom?

Sewer Odors is a very common plumbing issue in Kennesaw we see all the time and is usually a very simple issue to resolve. Usually there's a plumbing fixture in your bathroom that never gets used. The trap for that fixture and all plumbing fixtures uses water to prevent sewer gases from entering the air you breathe. If that fixture never gets used then the water in the fixture trap will evaporate thereby allowing the sewer gases to enter the air. Simply running water in the fixture every other week for a minute or two will usually resolve this issue. Another reason for this would be a buildup in your drain system and may also cause gurgling noises.
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What questions should I ask my remodeler friend or contractor about my plumbing?

To protect the health of the public, "by law" only a Master Licensed Plumber or a representative of a master licensed plumber in Kennesaw, GA is allowed to sign a contract for plumbing repair or remodeling if that plumbing repair or remodeling will remove a toilet or move plumbing fixtures to a different location in your home or office. Removing a toilet or adjusting the piping will break the seal that prevents sewer gases from entering the air you breathe and must be re-installed properly by an actual Licensed Plumber or his/her representative. Make sure you know who your Licensed Plumber will be!
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Why are there so many local Plumbers Near Me?

When you search for a local plumber near me, you will see a list of plumbers who service the local Kennesaw, GA area; most of which may not actually have their main plumbing office near Kennesaw, GA.

Local plumbers in Kennesaw will most assuredly service many other areas around the Kennesaw, GA area as well. If a plumber in Kennesaw only serviced the Kennesaw area, they would likely not be able to stay in business.

Above all, when searching for a plumber near me, make sure you are looking for a competent and licensed plumber in Kennesaw that you can trust will protect the health of your family and trouble shoot the issue with knowledge.
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If you're looking for a plumber near me Kennesaw. Valu-Rite Plumbing is located in and serving the Kennesaw GA area with emphasis on protecting the health of our customers and saving you money!