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The plumber trade affects the health of your family in Ball-Ground and around the World.

To many times in Ball-Ground we see improper plumber repair or a remodeling or Handy contractor did not use a licensed plumber and caused a situation much like having an open septic tank inside your home or office.

A sometimes oderless sewer gas can easily be in the air you breathe.

Every plumbing pipe within your plumbing system has a particular job to carry out, and must do so without sacrificing the health of your Family in Ball-Ground.

At Valu-Rite Plumbing, the health of your Family comes first when making plumber repairs and especially when remodeling your plumbing system in Ball-Ground!

Master plumber David has provided affordable plumbing repair services for 36 years Ball-Ground near all areas . Schedule a free visit Now!

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Gurgling Plumbing Ball-Ground, GA

30 years ago here in the "Towne Lake - Holy Springs" area of Canton we were hired to deal with settling issues causing the drain piping to break on newly built homes. Several of these slab homes had the same plumbing issue in Towne Lake Woodstock and Canton. The issue was that the earth under the slab was not compacted as it should have been, causing the plumbing to settle and break or causing a backwards pitch issue thereby creating stoppages.

Since then, we've seen many homes with plumbing drain issues just like this here in Canton where there is improper pitch causing drains to back-up into the home or even on an upper level of a home.

Backwards pitching plumbing drains is a very common issue here in Canton as we've noticed and can create the infamous "gurgling" you may get when flushing a toilet. You may even get this gurgling when draining a bathtub or washing machine.

When the gurgle occurs, sewer gases are then allowed to escape from the gurgling fixture into the air you breathe, and you may notice the sewer drain smelling odor or even see drain fly’s or Nat’s.

If you're experiencing these types of plumbing issues here in Canton, please...

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Why use licensed plumbers?

Licensed Plumbers have demonstrated by way of exam that he or she has the knowledge to install or repair plumbing systems in such a manner as to protect the public health from sanitary diseases and ensure proper functionality of the plumbing system.

Why do I have a sewer odor in my Bathroom?

Usually there's a plumbing fixture in your bathroom that never gets used. The trap for that fixture and all plumbing fixtures uses water to prevent sewer gases from entering the air you breathe. If that fixture never gets used then the water in the fixture trap will evaporate thereby allowing the sewer gases to enter the air.

What questions should I ask my remodeler friend or contractor about my plumbing?

Make sure you know who your Licensed Plumber will be!