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Valu-Rite Plumbing provides free testing and diagnostic of issues related to water pressure regulators in Woodstock, Ga. and nearby areas.

Water pressure regulator problems can cause damage to your fixtures and appliances which can often cost much more than resolving the water pressure issue itself. If you live in Woodstock, Ga. or surrounding areas, and feel you may be having problems related to your water pressure regulator (PRV), give us a call or SCHEDULE FREE DIAGNOSTIC!.

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Can my Water Pressure cause problems with my Toilets or Faucets?

Your toilet fill valve is only designed to handle water pressures up to about 60psi. If your toilet is running all the time or otherwise making noises, it could very well be caused by your water pressure regulator. In fact, if you’re having problems with running or leaky toilets or leaky faucets, it's a good idea to check your water pressure regulator and have it corrected before making repairs to your toilets or faucets.

Can my Water Pressure Regulator cause Leaks??

High water pressure or a faulty water pressure regulator can cause toilet valves or supply lines to burst, yes!

Can my Water Pressure Regulator cause my Water Heater to burst??

High water pressure or a faulty water pressure regulator can cause your water heater to burst, yes! Especially if your water heater is older. Water pressure regulators may cause damage to tank-less type water heaters and instant water heaters as well; as they have sensitive parts inside.

Can my Water Pressure Regulator cause my plumbing to make banging noises??

Noisy plumbing issues are usually caused by a worn out Water Pressure Regulator Valve or other worn out shut-off or toilet fill valves. The noises caused by your water pressure regulator can be a gentle faint hum or it could be a very load vibrating sound within your home. Other noisy plumbing issues could be caused by expansion and contraction, especially if you hear a ticking noise after taking a shower or otherwise using the hot water system within your home or office. The expansion and contraction issue could be a drain line getting ready to snap or break as it could be under stress within the structure of your home.

There are a few other mysterious possibilities with the plumbing system that could cause noises in your home or office. Valu-Rite Plumbing can test and diagnose these issues FREE OF CHARGE in Woodstock, Ga. and surrounding areas.



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